CoinPayments Gears Up for SBC Summit Barcelona

This event is one of the “go-to” events of the iGaming industry, where visionaries come together to shape the future, exchange insights, and forge invaluable connections. SBC Summit Barcelona has rightfully earned its place as an unmissable gathering for iGaming professionals, fostering engagement with a diverse global audience. This year’s SBC Summit series promises to be the biggest yet and attendees can expect to be dazzled by an array of product launches and an impressive lineup featuring over 350 operators, suppliers, affiliates, media representatives, and innovative startups.

With a projected attendance of 15,000 industry insiders, the event space has been helpfully segmented into five distinct zones: Casino & iGaming, Sports Betting, Payments & Compliance, Affiliate, Marketing & Media, and Emerging Tech, Blockchain, and Metaverse. Each zone boasts its own conference stage, exhibition floor, and networking hubs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and immersive engagement. The conference agenda comprises a distinguished assembly of 450 industry experts, including CoinPayments CEO, Sean Mackay. Sean will share his insights as a speaker during the session. iGaming is undergoing a profound transformation, largely driven by technological advancements. Within this evolution, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a pivotal catalyst, reshaping the payment landscape.

Recognizing the inherent synergy between iGaming and cryptocurrencies, operators are eagerly embracing digital payment solutions. Cryptocurrency payments offer an unmatched fusion of security and privacy, addressing shortcomings often associated with traditional payment methods. Operating on decentralized networks, cryptocurrencies add an additional layer of security and anonymity, catering to the paramount concern of players keen on safeguarding their personal information. The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies delivers a game-changing advantage to iGaming platforms, eradicating the complexities tied to currency conversion and cross-border transactions.

This translates into a seamless user experience characterized by swift transaction times and reduced fees. By adopting cryptocurrency payments, iGaming companies can secure and future-proof their revenue streams, resulting in enhanced profitability, minimized operational costs, and increased credibility. As a pioneering crypto payment provider, CoinPayments has sealed its position as the premier gateway for crypto payment processing within the iGaming sector.

By addressing critical challenges such as chargebacks and settlement delays faced by the iGaming industry, CoinPayments strengthens its network through strategic iGaming partnerships, reaffirming its commitment to the synergistic fusion of iGaming and cryptocurrency payments. Incorporating crypto payments into your business is effortless with CoinPayments. Armed with cutting-edge technologies and features, CoinPayments empowers businesses to seamlessly capture, retain, and expand their market share. In this ever-evolving landscape, CoinPayments stands as your ideal partner. We extend a warm invitation to connect with us in person at Stand No. E40. Our team of experts will be readily available to provide comprehensive insights into seamlessly integrating our iGaming crypto payment solutions into your business operations. CoinPayments reigns as the first and leading crypto payment gateway worldwide, with over a decade of operational excellence.

The platform supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and has earned the trust of more than 120,000 merchants worldwide enabling them to embrace an extensive range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins. As iGaming operators increasingly explore cryptocurrency options, CoinPayments remains steadfast in delivering an exceptional experience while adapting to the evolving dynamics of the industry. Globally recognized and reputable, CoinPayments takes pride in its established position at the forefront of the global landscape. CoinPayments is your gateway to unlocking the future of iGaming payments through cryptocurrency. Visit Stand No. E40 to embark on this exciting journey!