Customer Data May Be Stolen in Cyberattack against Caesars

Caesars Entertainment, the American casino giant, confirms being a victim of a cyberattack. Unlike its rival MGM Resorts, Caesars’ operations were not disrupted. However, the company acknowledged that the personal information of its loyalty rewards members may have been exposed. The unauthorized actor obtained sensitive data, including driver’s license numbers and/or social security numbers, but the number of affected users was not disclosed. Caesars took steps to delete the stolen data but cannot guarantee the result. The company also stated that there is currently no evidence of obtaining clients’ bank account data, passwords/PINs, or payment card information. Caesars will continue to investigate the matter and offer identity theft protection and credit monitoring services to affected loyalty program members. The hacker group known as Scattered Spider, previously targeting MGM Resorts, is believed to be involved in the cyberattack against Caesars as well.