Bay Mills Indian Community Starts Working on Renovations of Bay Mills Resort Casino

The expansion of the Bay Mills Resort Casino in Michigan is progressing rapidly, as evidenced by the groundbreaking ceremony held by the Bay Mills Executive Council and Enterprise Team. The resort, located on Scenic Lakeshore Drive in Brimley, Michigan, is in need of expansion to meet growing demand. General Manager Richard LeBlanc expressed excitement about the investment and the opportunities it will bring for the Bay Mills Indian Community. The project, estimated to cost $85 million, will take several years to complete but will ultimately be worth the wait, as the current hotel consistently operates at full occupancy. The expansion will not only create new jobs but also upgrade and renovate the break room for existing employees. Guests will enjoy new amenities and more space, including a three-story waterfront, 134 additional rooms with balconies, a deli, a spa, a pool with a splash pad and hot tubs, a nail salon, a fitness center, an arcade, a conference room, and a storefront. The exterior of the resort will also see improvements, including fishing piers, gardens, gazebos, and outdoor patios, as well as an upgraded marina. Whitney Gravelle, President of the Bay Mills Indian Community, expressed pride in the community’s history of trailblazing and innovation, stating that the project will benefit not only the resort but also the Eastern Upper Peninsula. The project is expected to be completed in fall 2025, but visitors will be welcomed during the construction period.